Habits are actions that have become natural because of continuous repetition. Habits can be good or  bad. Habits are formed by continuous practice. Healthy habits are habits that we form that can influence our spiritual consistency.


_Healthy Spiritual Habits_

  1. Morning Devotion – Job 1:5, Mark 1:35 Don’t let the day start before you, wake up early and start your day.
  2. Pray before sleping
  3.  Pray before eating
  4. pray before going out
  5. Pray before travelling
  6. Pray before taking decisions; It is inviting God to have asay. (Prov 3:24)
  7. Tithing and quality Offering
  8. Christian Music and worship
  9. A quiet spirit, not reacting all the time. ”There is wisdom in silence
  10. Honor. Live a honorable Life and honor people. You can’t get what you don’t give.
  11. Waking up early Psalm 119:147-157
  12. Reading (feeding your mind with good christian Literature). Bulid your mind muscle. Everything you don’t know is a danger to you.
  13. Downloading and listening to messages of anointed men and women of God.
  14. Constant and consistent quiet time. At a particular time and space.
  15. Consistent prayer time(Everyday)
  16. Quarterly retreat.Men of Retreat are men that will last.
  17. monthly personal vigils
  18. weekly fasting.
  19. Service Prov 7:7


_Notable Scriptures_

Study Job 8:7, Ecclesiastes 7:8, Psalm 65:11. Read on it, Meditate on it. God bless you as you do so.


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