Your heaven has to be opened constantly to receive from God.  Inconsistency makes your life scared of results. Consistence practice breeds continuous results. A man with constant open heavens does not miss out in life. A believer must consciously guard our open  heaven. To operate under constant open heaven.


Purity: Is a key secret to power. 2Tim 2:22

If your heart is not pure, you cannot connect to the pure heavens. ”We must clean up for God to show up”’. Anytime there is an opportunity for sexual immortality know something big by the side God’s word is antidote against the world of men. ”God’s word is a ‘Vaccine’ against sin


Speech: Col 4:6 No man can operate under open heaven, if he’s not intentional about his speech! ”Until Jesus Christ said it is finished he did not died


Integrity: Prov 11:3, 13:6. Without integrity there will be short term success. Your gifts can open doors for you, but your character will determine how long you will be there.


Honor: Heb 7:7 We must learn the mystery of ‘honor’. ”Meekness is not weakness” Any anointing you cannot honor, you cannot benefit from it.  ”Consciously give and serve in honor”.


Love: Eph 4:23, John 15: 9 You must understand love. God relates with us more of our intentions than our actions. ‘Walk in Love for God, His people and his work. ”That you are higher than your rival doesn’t mean there is a rival”

The power of being studious – Dan 9:2

The Principle of Authority – 2Cor 10:5

_Notable Quotes_

”I was sent! and their is a sender!”

”The value of a message is dependent on the sender”

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